I’m giving up shopping for lent (Part 1)

I’m back. It’s been such a crazy couple of months, I left the “perfect job” (I’ll get back to that) but I have my dream job. I promise you, we will talk about it But not today, today is Ash Wednesday and it’s a very important day for me, I’m a catholic and even though I don’t practice my religion as much as I should … Continúa leyendo I’m giving up shopping for lent (Part 1)

¿Y tu para cuándo?

Ayer leí un artículo muy divertido acerca de cómo la sociedad impone ciertos estándares, te casas, tienes un hijo, tienes otro, compras una casa, envejeces, te mueres… Sólo de escribir esa oración me dio nauseas y y morí un poco de aburrimiento. Yo estoy en una edad dónde al tener casi 5 años de matrimonio y convivencia gitana pero feliz, las preguntas no cesan, desde gente … Continúa leyendo ¿Y tu para cuándo?


Nails on a truck? YES PLEASE!

One of my favorite things about living in Silicon Valley is all the technology that is available for us but sometimes I need a bit of indulgence, something traditionally girly… hard to find in here, except I might have found the perfect place and it’s called La Lacquerie.  Conveniently located outside of my office -It’s an AWESOME PINK TRUCK- where you can have your nails … Continúa leyendo Nails on a truck? YES PLEASE!

“Because you’re a girl”

“You can get whatever you want because you’re a girl” or “you don’t know anything about sports because you’re a girl”. I discovered that “because you’re a girl” is an insult.   First of all I’m not looking to “overthrow men” or anything like that. I’m a egalitarian. I believe that we all belong here and we are capable of doing the same work. I want … Continúa leyendo “Because you’re a girl”