Fashion is (not) Important.


I think you know, I moved to the Bay Area four months ago, I love it, live it and learn about it on a daily basis. Yesterday I was walking around and people watching, which I love to do, apparently I have some sense of style because a couple of women complemented my outfit, very simple graphic tee, skinny jeans, flats and a clutch. That made me wonder about the dairy clothing choices of these amazing women who work and create here, in Techland, where the geek magic happens every day.


Well, if you’re looking for amazing incredible trendy cool style, well Silicon Valley might be a tad disappointing, because people doesn’t care about fashion, which I keep thinking is wrong, but who am I to judge, right? But, inspired by the women who asked me about my style and choices of the day, I’m concentrating on telling them the women who work in a tech company, you’re the boss, you’re doing a incredible job, why don’t you dress accordingly and not trying to fit in some (absurd) standard? I asked a friend who works for a network company (she has the coolest style) and her answer was, well, we are in a men’s world, so sometimes women doesn’t want to be perceived as superficial or girly, they want to be “one of the guys”. Wrong. So wrong. Why women cannot be feminine and rule the world? Did your leadership skills suddenly disappear as soon as you wear a dress?


What?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but is true, women still are perceived like “bossy” instead of the boss (awesome campaign BTW) and the boss can’t wear a dress and Valentino pumps? according to Yahoo’s CEO yes you can, she described herself as “a geeky programmer girl” but now she is making all major decisions for the company, she’s a believer of women empowerment everywhere. Specially here in Techland, where a lot of women are taking over companies, creating, developing, imagining all the gadgets we should have tomorrow. These incredible women who are changing the world should dress like the powerful persons they are. And no, I’m not talking about wearing pink frilly dresses but you should be able to wear a skirt and pumps, only because you can, you love it and you feel like it. And no one can judge you about it


No, I’m not a feminist, I don’t like those labels, I’m only a woman who worked in male dominated environments and I was never intimidated by them and didn’t try to be a “man” to fit in, I am a woman and I love to be, also love the fact that I can wear whatever I want and don’t compromise my personality or question my ability because I can run in heels.

Fashion should be for everyone, I keep maintaining this premise, no one should judge your abilities only because you have the good manners of caring about what you’re wearing, that’s the way you present yourself to the world.

“Dressing well is a form of good matters” Tom Ford.


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