Democracy of Fashion

Last night I was on Twitter (@estilopedia_) reading and laughing from the catfights among some people who supposedly belong to the fashion world. This got me thinking about how fashion has become elitist, snobby and sometimes a little mean, but it isn’t fashion’s fault, the problem is in US.

People often perceive fashion as snobby bitches with an agenda. But it´s people who criticise, judge and talk and think that fashion is a small world where a handful of chosen ones can actually make it. I’m not an exception (I’ll judge people wearing crocs or uggs with a skirt) but in the other hand I want more people to feel (to know) fashion belongs to them too.

Fashion is about people, because it´s the people who buy the clothes, who decide every day. Fashion is business. That horrible Vogue cover with Kanye and Kim is awful to me but apparently sells, and make their fans happy and show some diversity (according to people, I really dislike Kanye, think he’s a douche). But, why do some so-called fashion experts actually think that fashion isn’t for everybody? Apparently, if they don’t criticise what other people created their lives will lose all meaning. For some people fashion is the Front Row Dictatorship.

fashion is for

Fashion is actually about freedom, freedom to choose, to wear what you love in the store. The democratization of fashion started when people didn’t have to go to fancy stores to buy a fabulous bag or a great pair of shoes. You can buy from your house. It started when you decided not to obey that skinny or plus sized ad. (Both terms I truly don’t like, models are people, they might be curvy or naturally skinny, not everything is about anorexia). Fashion means freedom to (if you want to) wear a hijab (or not!). It means ignoring the “rules” of some weird blogger or famous stylist and wear that crop top and rock it. Is freedom for people like me, to write about fashion and not about clothes, to work helping people look the way they want.

girls-hijab (3)

Fashion is about business and power, I do feel empowered when I’m wearing something meaningful to me. Fashion is my business when I’m working with a client to make his/her wardrobe exactly what he/she wants it to be. It´s a business because you saw those jeans in an ad then went to the store and bought them.


Quoting Rachel K Ward, fashion is now a democracy because: “-the increase in amount and accessibility for fashion goods globally -the decrease in exclusive specialty clothing (haute couture) with an increase of ready-to-wear-the decrease of fashion authorities and increase of media and many voices -a greater mixing of class, gender and cultural codes, with a decrease in barriers like formal & casual”

Fashion is about choices, now women can actually wear tuxes to work without being male aristocrats, and cool fashionista men can wear bags without someone judging them, (someone always will, but without reasons). Today, it has become completely subjective what to wear in different circumstances. Fashion is freedom, not a dictatorship. It´s not decided by people who can’t create, only criticise and scream for attention. I say it and I stand by it, fashion is for everybody.


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