Posh Skirts


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of trying on my first PoshSkirt. It was an amazing piece of clothing, well made with beautiful detail. This skirts are a statement. And you know I’m a huge fan of skirts, this ones are something else. They’re more than your regular skirts, they’re pretty unique.

So what makes Poshskirts unique? Poshskirts are made from exquisite handcrafted fabric, patterns for which are mostly hand- loomed over weeks in craft villages.


As usual Lola was with me and Jorge took all my pictures. I’m wearing a PoshSkirt, black Zara Top and Dior pointy pumps.

2014-04-04 17.51.56

About their incredible fabrics: “Muslins, silk form the basis of most skirts while other designs focus on the hand embroidery on modern fabric.  It started on the personal savings of the founder – a young creative professional herself with a penchant for fashion and development. The idea came about when during her international travels, she saw the great potential of beautiful heritage material that could be transformed into signature clothing items and their beauty and history could transcend borders. It addition, it could prevent traditional crafts from eradication

2014-04-04 17.54.03

Poshskirts are created by a group of in-house designers who research the fabric quality and durability and merge the latest runway trends with the beauty of the fabric and create limited edition pieces.


The clothes are made in sweat-shop free environment with good tailoring and not mass production in mind. Limited numbers of each design is created and made  available in US sizes 2 to 12, with options for customization in size and sometimes color.  Skirts are sold through the online site and shipped to customers worldwide.


The great part about Poshskirts “the price is reasonable, it gives opportunities to new designers from top fashion schools and create steady source of income for crafts villages across the globe. So you can help make the world a better place with your choice of fashion”

To me that’s reason enough to wear them, they’re so comfortable and unique, you’re wearing something truly amazing and very stylish -and well made-.


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