I’m eating a burger and wearing stilettos.


 2014-06-13 16.49.21  

Let me start by saying, I’m not a skinny girl, I try to stay healthy, eat right and exercise because I like it, but I’m latin and I come with curves. That being said, I love food, I cook every time I can, I try new recipes, new ingredients and of course new restaurants, I come from a long line of cooks (all of them awesome). And you know I love fashion, it feeds me like my mom’s bolognese. So, apparently I’m a basic bitch according to a few articles I’ve read, because if you love fashion and drink wine instead of beer and have a closet full of shoes you’re somehow dumb, high maintenance  and undateable (spoiler alert, I’m married, I like good food and I wear heels everyday).

Fashion/foodie shaming, this new thing when you judge women by how (and what) they eat – it’s the kind of thing that makes me lose my faith in the human kind – People judge fashion bloggers’ Instagram accounts because “you didn’t eat that”. Stylish girls can’t be “cool girls” unless they drink beer and some more bullshit like that.


The -not so- new standard is you’re high maintenance and dumb because you like fashion instead of “good” food. But, when did this become an irreconcilable difference? Why if I like to take care of my appearance, drink good wine and wear designer bags? Does that makes me “dumb”? Am I a less cool girl because I choose vodka instead of beer? Or, I am stupid because I rather have a salad tonight instead of chili cheese fries? Who created this absurd binary standard that you can’t enjoy good food if you love heels?

I think it’s time to stop judging women by how they eat. If women keep putting themselves down, how do you expect men not to do it too? If those women keep writing articles saying “you should date a girl who drinks beer” “you should date a girl who loves food and hate shoes” (by the way, who are these people?) I think men should date women who are awesome and real and that may include shoes, vodka, manicures, probably a good cheeseburger, PMS and hormones. You know, the usual. 


best burger I’ve ever had,❤

So, to be a “cool girl” you’ll need to wear slouchy tees, only drink beer and eat cheeseburgers; Guys you should date a 20-year-old college dude. According to this standard you can’t have different levels and obviously you can’t be a woman filled with hormones (surprise!). I decided to be everything I want to be. I’m assertive enough to follow exactly who I am, whatever “stereotypes” that falls under. I believe you should date a girl who is herself, don’t date a girl who acts like any form of femininity is an insult to her kind. Don’t get intimidated by stilettos or the fact that she can make more money than you do. Date a girl who can be anything she wants and have fun. 



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