Life of a working girl.


Remember when you were at school and thought about how your life would change after graduation? I remember those days, I’ve never been so scared in my life, I realized that college taught me how to think but usually you’ll need more than that in the real world. I faced it, stumbled and moved on.

Now I’m here, I work for a living (well, let’s call groceries, shoes and bags a living). But, one of my biggest problems is I ALWAYS WANT MORE and I’m very insecure sometimes, and no, I’m not (just) talking about shoes. When I changed careers I wanted more than a job, I wanted something that I truly love, something to look forward every Sunday night, but the reality is that, when you’re in your 20’s you don’t always get what you want, you get a job sometimes, probably something not so exciting or that doesn’t make you passionate about, but in the end, its OK, you have a job, a learning experience. A paycheck that helps you buy that bag you really want, you conquered some independence. YAY yourself!

Something I recently learnt is you shouldn’t settle, perhaps the job you have today isn’t your dream job, but that doesn’t mean you can be one step closer to get it. Last week I broke down a little, saying “I’m on my late twenties, already had a few not great jobs, why can I find the one I really want?” Well, in my case this is the third country in the past 5 years and that means new beginnings every time (so I’m paying my dues to the work Gods again).

Today, after my 4 hours commute I knew it – I need to deal with my insecurities – the ones who make me say: “Probably I’m not good enough to get that, that’s why I’m stuck with this- Damn it Bela, get it together, you’re on a train, come on!. This can’t be who I am, because I dealt with a lot, just like you, this is only the beginning. Working girls: we need to face our fears, our insecurities and remember: -there’s nothing chic about giving up- don’t settle, keep looking, you’re one step closer everyday. 



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