Wardrobe Mix

When I started developing my fashion sense and discovering my style I understood that my latina figure can be a complicated thing but I’m very into pencil and midi skirts and my career allowed me to dress a little bit more creatively. I wear dresses, full skirts with t-shirts and mixed patterns (thick bold stripes, horizontal everywhere). I’m building my work wardrobe as colorful as I can but a huge chunk of black because, well I love black (we will talk about it later).

I’m not very into trends but I like to try new things and adapt them to my style, like this pattern mixing thing. Probably you have a great flower skirt but why don’t you wear it with a striped shirt? Or polka dots plus gingham. You get my point.  The key for fun work outfits depends on your taste and style but basically, mixing patterns with same color pallet works, smaller with bigger: if you’re wearing a flower pattern mix it with small stripes. If you’re rocking polka dots mix some plaids. Some animal print with stripes. Don’t be afraid to break some fashion rules because you’re allowed to… Tomorrow think about this, dress to impress yourself. 


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