I’m not trendy.


Dear reader I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not a trendy girl. I love sales way too much. I love fashion egobloggers who can pull a great look with fall advances and pre spring styles, I can’t. I love going shopping -don’t get me wrong- but I do most of my shopping during sales season. I buy classics and basics and make them work year round. Why? Because I do love trends but some are extremely impractical (hello crop tops and culottes) and I must admit, I have Chanel taste with J.Crew (usually factory) budget. And I’m shameless about it, sometimes I just go try on stuff and find them on eBay, why? Because I know I can get a deal.

 2014-08-29 11.10.12

This week a very close friend was visiting from Mexico, she wanted to go shopping for handbags and she wanted an specific brand, so I took her to the outlet instead of the boutique. Why? Because she left the store with 4 new handbags on sale very beautiful and classic without spending her whole budget. After that I found a pair of kate spade ny burgundy pumps perfect for fall, they were 350 and I paid 72, they were on the clearance section and this weekend was Labor Day. #win

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 7.36.54 PM

So, right now I’m shopping online, taking advantage of the beauty of e-commerce and free shipping and I confess that I’m not trendy. I’m just a girl who really loves shoes and bags, no matter what season they’re from.


One thought on “I’m not trendy.

  1. Love this post, im from México and every time i go to usa i prefer spend time in outlet, i mean, It’s not abouth money, It’s abouth to know How yo spend Your money in fashion.

    Me gusta


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