Nails on a truck? YES PLEASE!


One of my favorite things about living in Silicon Valley is all the technology that is available for us but sometimes I need a bit of indulgence, something traditionally girly… hard to find in here, except I might have found the perfect place and it’s called La Lacquerie. 

La-Lacquerie-00021 La-Lacquerie-0393

Conveniently located outside of my office -It’s an AWESOME PINK TRUCK- where you can have your nails done, mani, pedi and lots of pampering, This mobile nail salon moves from company to company to help the tech girls hands look amazing. I met Susan, the girl behind this cool idea and she’s as cool as her job. She introduced me to dry mani-pedi, super hygienic and fast.  She’s the kind of girl who’s smart and she’s not giving up her stylish ways because she’s here.


I went in, I was greeted and my mani-pedi started, it was a great experience after the longest work day, I talked to Susan for a whole hour, exchanged our Silicon Valley experiences and I learned a lot about being a girl working in techland and driving a huge pink truck (she does an awesome job parking the thing BTW) La-Lacquerie-0003

My manicure was perfect, my nails trimmed and my hands massaged, she uses Bodipure’s waterless method and everything was done in about 45 min, my pedicure was perfect because it was done painless, waterless and she uses OPI nail polish, personal favorite. We spent an extra time talking about how she came up with La Lacquerie, she was inspired by the food trucks you can find in every tech company in the Valley and I’m so glad she came up with this, if you’re here, don’t hesitate and try it, you won’t be sorry.


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