I’m giving up shopping for lent (Part 1)


I’m back. It’s been such a crazy couple of months, I left the “perfect job” (I’ll get back to that) but I have my dream job. I promise you, we will talk about it

But not today, today is Ash Wednesday and it’s a very important day for me, I’m a catholic and even though I don’t practice my religion as much as I should do it lent and Holy Week are reminders that a little sacrifice helps a lot. Everyone can have their faith and beliefs and this is it for me, I always give up something that could be hard to do, in the past I gave up sugar, alcohol, meat, dairy, smoking… Now I’m tackling a bigger thing: I’m not going to shop for 40 days (FORTY).


Let me give you some context, I’m confessed shopaholic (SHOCKING!) I shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, undergarments and it makes me happy, I love when the mailman delivers something with my name on it, I get excited about sales, I shop when I’m down or happy. I shop for my husband and my niece, I even love grocery shopping (something I can’t give up because I have a family and I cook a lot and we need food).

When I told J about it he laughed “I can’t wait to see how this turns out!” was his reaction. My mom was impressed (and a little doubtful) my coworkers feel like I can do it. I know it doesn’t sound like a deep and thoughtful sacrifice, it sounds silly for most people -but for me, represents giving up something I truly enjoy and look forward to- And my new job is not making it easier (Hint, check markandgraham.com and you’ll see why).


I’ll report back. Wish me luck.




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